Our Story

“One mint julep is the cause of it all.” The story starts with a horse race, and we hope that’s where our ties end up with you!
Tory and Brian met at Carolina Cup in 2014, her in a sundress and sun hat and him in a bow tie. After several more horse races and a move farther south, to Raleigh, North Carolina, the idea for julep tie company was born. In the Summer of 2015 we decided we wanted to create a high quality, low cost bow tie that had its roots in the South.  With a focus on those Southern roots, cotton fabrics and production in our home state, North Carolina, seemed like the obvious choices.
We designed our bow ties to be affordable and high quality so they can stand to get down and dirty with you and your friends (they’re washable too). Why choose between beer and a bow tie when you can have both!
We’d love to see photos of you in our ties, share them with #seeyouattheraces! 
Tory & Brian

Tory and Brian of Julep Tie Company

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